CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

Scheduling the Written Exam

The Written Exam is taken online and is virtually proctored by Integrity Advocate. Once you have completed payment for your Written Exam in the online CCPO Portal, the exam is available to launch and complete on-demand (24/7).

If you do not have any access to a reliable computer, Internet connection, and webcam, or a facility containing these items, please contact the Program Coordinator and they will assist in arranging a physical test at the BCCSA offices in New Westminster, if possible.

Virtually Proctored Exam
The CCPO exam is virtually proctored utilizing the Integrity Advocate identification and test proctoring system. The Integrity advocate system must confirm your identity in order to start the exam. If your identity cannot be confirmed, the system will not allow the user to continue.

Before you begin the CCPO written exam, please ensure:

  • You have a government issued ID available, which includes your full name and a clear picture
  • A desktop computer or laptop with:
    • A stable internet connection
    • A working web-camera
  • You are in a quiet environment
  • The name on your government identification matches the name in your CCPO Portal account


How do I register for the Written Exam?

  Reference Materials
  • CCPO Candidate Handbook
    The CCPO Candidate Handbook is a PDF guide outlining the certification program and our program policies and procedures. The Candidate Handbook is not a study guide or intended as training material. As a certification authority, to maintain impartiality in our certification activities, we do not provide any training for concrete pump operators.

    Please note, the CCPO Candidate Handbook is currently unavailable. For program related assistance, please contact the CCPO Coordinator directly at (604) 636-0327 /, or visit our Certification Policies page. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as necessary revisions to the handbook are completed.
  • Registering for the Written Exam
    Instructions for Written Exam registrations.
  • Registering for the Practical Exam
    Instructions for Practical Exam registrations.
Written Exam Fee
Virtually Proctored Exam $250
The same fee applies for retest candidates.
Practical Exam Fee
Practical Exam Registration Fee $1,500
Practical Re-Testing Fee $1,500
or portion thereof
Cancellation Fee:
The full fee applies if the candidate is a no-show to the appointment.
Rescheduling Fee:
Over 7 days before the Exam N/A
2-7 days before the Exam $200
1-2 days before Exam $400
24 hours or less before Exam $500

NOTE: The Practical Examination normally requires that an Assessor to be present for the full day of pumping. In an instance where for unforeseen circumstances, one or two components of the examination were not completed, the Candidate may be able to book a part-day of assessment. This part-day of assessment will be at the discretion of the Test Coordinator and the Assessor. In such a case the part-day assessment fee would be $650.

Further information on Concrete Pumping: