CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator
Concrete Pump Operator

About the Practical Exam

You must successfully complete the Written Exam before you can be assessed on the Practical Exam.

Please note that enquires concerning the Practical Examination can be addressed to the BCCSA Program Coordinator.*

What is the Practical Exam?

The Practical Exam is an onsite assessment to provide evidence of competent Concrete Pump Operator performance in the field. Candidates are assessed on actual concrete pumping jobs.

The Practical Exam was developed as a fair and objective assessment of the essential skills a Concrete Pump operator needs in order to safely operate pumps.

What are the application fees?

  • Practical Examination Fee: $1,500
  • Practical Re-Testing Fee: $1,500 or portion thereof *
  • Cancellation Fee: The full fee applies if the candidate is a no-show to the appointment.
  • Rescheduling Fee:
    • Over 7 days before the Exam: N/A
    • 2-7 days before the Exam: $200
    • 1-2 days before the Exam: $500
    • 24 hours or less before the Exam: $400

What to expect with the exam?

The Practical Exam is scheduled to take place over a full day to allow for maximum flexibility and the candidate being assigned to an assessable job. The test coordinator will determine the assessable job based on multiple tasks that demonstrate the understanding, knowledge and safety skills in operating a Concrete Pump.

Assessable Jobs

Assessable jobs are those where the operator is to perform the full range of competencies expected of a practically competent pump operator. These are described in Candidate Info & Instructions. A non–assessable job for example would be one where the candidate manoeuvres the pump boom to a basement door and the placing crew use a hose to place the concrete from the boom tip – in this case the boom will not be moved sufficiently enough by the candidate for the operator to make a determination of competence.

The Test Coordinator will work closely with the Assessor and the company dispatcher / candidate to identify assessable jobs and to adapt to other assessment circumstances in the event of concrete cancellation or delay to the worksite.

Practical Exams are split into five Competence Areas and are tailored to each category of concrete pump. Competence Areas are:

  1. Hand Signals, Hazard Planning & Soil Conditions
  2. Pre-Operational Inspections & Procedures
  3. Set-Up & Prime
  4. Concrete Pumping
  5. Clean Out Procedures, Washout & Shutdown.

Sections on Soil Conditions and Inspection of the Carrier apply only to Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pumps. Operators of Tower Placing Booms and Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pumps must also inspect the Boom and Attachments.

For more information on what to expect from the Practical Exam, see Candidate Info & Instructions.

How to pass the exam?

To successfully pass the Practical Exam, the "minimum passing" score is 70. However, Candidates must make the passing grade on each section of the assessment. Some components of the assessment require mandatory completion so in effect are scored as pass/fail. Rather than describing these scores as a percentage they are better described as ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’.

For more information on how to pass the exam, see Test Scoring Information & Reporting.

How do I schedule taking the Practical Exam?

CCPO Handbook

Handbook: Read the Practical Examination section

(pg. 21 - pg. 30)

Read this Practical Examination section in the Candidate Handbook for comprehensive information about the Practical Exam - including the test site information, test scoring information, and more.

Download the CCPO Candidate Handbook PDF2.42 MB

  Reference Materials
Written Exam Fee
Test Centre Exam $350
Virtually Proctored Exam $250
The same fee applies for retest candidates.
Practical Exam Fee
Practical Exam Application Fee $1,500
Practical Re-Testing Fee $1,500
or portion thereof
Cancellation Fee:
The full fee applies if the candidate is a no-show to the appointment.
Rescheduling Fee:
Over 7 days before the Exam N/A
2-7 days before the Exam $200
1-2 days before Exam $500
24 hours or less before Exam $400

NOTE: The Practical Examination normally requires that an Assessor to be present for the full day of pumping. In an instance where for unforeseen circumstances, one or two components of the examination were not completed, the Candidate may be able to book a part-day of assessment. This part-day of assessment will be at the discretion of the Test Coordinator and the Assessor. In such a case the part-day assessment fee would be $650.

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