CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

Test Scoring Info & Reporting

Written Exam Info & Reporting

Written score reporting

Written Examinations are scored in the D2L/Brightspace virtual exam environment and reviewed and approved by the Program Coordinator.

Candidates will receive credit only for answers recorded.

All candidates will receive a score report of their performance. Examination results are emailed to candidates approximately five (5) business days after the examination administration.

Candidate results will be reported as a scaled value, on a scale ranging from 0 to 100 points, with a score of 70 representing the "minimum passing" score.

Retaking the examination

Candidates who fail the examination may retake it after a 60-day interval (cooldown period). Candidates will be advised via email when the exam becomes available and will be required to pay the exam fee again before launching.

Practical Exam Info & Reporting

The scoring system for the Practical Examination has been validated by BCCSA’s pilot testing program and verified by Subject Matter Experts. The score of 70 represents the “minimum passing” score for the Concrete Pump examination.

Note that some sections of the Practical Examination require a 100% score in which case it is more useful to view these sections as finding the candidate “competent” or “not yet competent”. The next section gives the scoring breakdown of the Practical Examination. All five sections must be passed in order for the candidate to receive an overall grade of competent.

Note: Candidate score cannot be given over the telephone or on the day of the examination.

Practical score reporting

Candidate performance on the Practical Examination is recorded by the Practical Examiner.

The testing procedure has been developed to provide the highest degree of standardization and reliability. The Examiner’s (Assessor’s) task is primarily to record the performance of the candidates.

A candidate may lose points either through operational errors or exceeding established optimum time limits. The scoring of candidates’ performance is done off-site and approved by the CCPO Program Administrator before being released to the candidate. The “minimum passing” score for the Practical Examination is 70 on each of the five sections of the practical assessment except for the items noted as mandatory which require 100%, or more accurately are graded by a “competent” / “not yet competent” metric.

Final approval of a Practical Examination score is granted by the Program Coordinator upon receipt of the electronic or paper score sheet.

Hand score requests

Candidates who were not successful on the Practical Examination may request a hand scoring of the answer sheet from the Examiner and the Program Coordinator. The request must be made in writing within three (3) months of the test date, and the request must be accompanied by a processing fee for either one (1) failed test score or for two (2) or more failed tests.

Requests can be made via email or fax.

In the event that the hand scoring of a failing candidate’s answer sheet results is a passing score, the Hand Scoring fee(s) will be refunded in full.

Retaking the examination

Candidates who fail an examination may retake the examination up to three (3) times.

Candidates who are unsuccessful for three attempts, must begin the certification process from the starting point.

Information Release Policy

BCCSA may release any information regarding a candidate’s examination application and a candidate’s examination administration to any employers, regulatory agencies or any other person or entities that may inquire in writing.

The name and certification status of individuals who have successfully completed the BCCSA examinations may be published and released upon request to employers and other interested parties. BCCSA will discuss score-related matters with the candidate or the candidate’s legal representative only.

Practical Assessment Appeal Policy

Any concerns about the conduct of the assessment should be addressed in writing to the BCCSA’s Certified Concrete Pump Operator Program in accordance with the Program Procedure 07.1 Appeals.

  Reference Materials
  • CCPO Candidate Handbook
    Please note, the CCPO Candidate Handbook is currently unavailable. For program related assistance, please contact the CCPO Coordinator directly at (604) 636-0327 /, or visit our Certification Policies page. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as necessary revisions to the manual are completed.
  • Registering for the Written Exam
    Instructions for Written Exam registrations.
  • Registering for the Practical Exam
    Instructions for Practical Exam registrations.
Written Exam Fee
Virtually Proctored Exam $250
The same fee applies for retest candidates.
Practical Exam Fee
Practical Exam Registration Fee $1,500
Practical Re-Testing Fee $1,500
or portion thereof
Cancellation Fee:
The full fee applies if the candidate is a no-show to the appointment.
Rescheduling Fee:
Over 7 days before the Exam N/A
2-7 days before the Exam $200
1-2 days before Exam $400
24 hours or less before Exam $500

NOTE: The Practical Examination normally requires that an Assessor to be present for the full day of pumping. In an instance where for unforeseen circumstances, one or two components of the examination were not completed, the Candidate may be able to book a part-day of assessment. This part-day of assessment will be at the discretion of the Test Coordinator and the Assessor. In such a case the part-day assessment fee would be $650.

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