CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator

CCPO: Certified Concrete Pump Operator
Concrete Pump Operator

CCPO Certification Card

CCPO Certified Card Back

CCPO Certified Card Back


Concrete Pump Operators in BC can now have their skills and abilities recognized with a professional accreditation: Concrete Pump Operator Certificate of Competence delivered by the BCCSA. Pump operators who hold this certification are known as Certified Concrete Pump Operators (CCPO's).

This certificate was built by industry and safety professionals to ensure holders of the certificate are operating to a standard of high competence – one of safety, environmental consideration and value. Those who hold this certificate have demonstrated theoretical knowledge of concrete pump operations and they have shown they can apply this knowledge by working competently in the field.

Applicant Requirements

Requirements for CCPO certification include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a valid Class 3 BC Driver’s License
  • Pass the certification tests

Benefits to Employers

Concrete pumps are an increasingly important tool in modern concrete and like other skilled trade areas, concrete pump operators now have a certificate they can be proud to carry which employers can use to verify the competence of any pumpers coming on their worksite.

Employers who employ CCPO's can benefit through:

  • Reduced risk
  • Fewer accidents, injuries & fatalities
  • Assurance of operator’s abilities
  • Less property damage
  • Improved safety records
  • Enhanced public image

Learn about the CCPO Certification Tests.

CCPO Handbook

  Very Important!

A very important thing to do when applying for your CCPO certification is to download and carefully read the Candidate Handbook. It contains all of the information you need.

Download the CCPO Candidate Handbook PDF2.42 MB

  Reference Materials
Written Exam Fee
Test Centre Exam $350
Virtually Proctored Exam $250
The same fee applies for retest candidates.
Practical Exam Fee
Practical Exam Application Fee $1,500
Practical Re-Testing Fee $1,500
or portion thereof
Cancellation Fee:
The full fee applies if the candidate is a no-show to the appointment.
Rescheduling Fee:
Over 7 days before the Exam N/A
2-7 days before the Exam $200
1-2 days before Exam $500
24 hours or less before Exam $400

NOTE: The Practical Examination normally requires that an Assessor to be present for the full day of pumping. In an instance where for unforeseen circumstances, one or two components of the examination were not completed, the Candidate may be able to book a part-day of assessment. This part-day of assessment will be at the discretion of the Test Coordinator and the Assessor. In such a case the part-day assessment fee would be $650.

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